1 deep

play “1 deep”    from my long beach vault

20/20 music

More 20/20 songs on numberonemusic     click the link

best matches for Virgo’s

check the best and worst matches for virgos If you are a Virgo your probably having a hard time finding someone intelligent enough to keep you interested .Since all Virgo’s get money we don’t have alot of time so here is a few hints and a list of matches. Taurus ,Pisces ,and Capricorn can work…

23 pick up lines for dating

must use pick up lines to get the ladies     “what kind of material is that on your shirt? …..it looks like girlfriend material (; ” try some of these smooth pick up lines when u go out tonight ; remember the key to a woman’s heart is laughter ..good or bad i guess lol…

fall of the dollar

the dollar’s hurricane path to destruction     …”The decline will catch most investors by surprise and create sudden reversals in oil, coal and emerging market stocks. You can profit from this if you act now and buy those sectors — and bet against dollar.” what would happen if everything just collapsed; sometimes we forget…

dream moods a-z

dream dictionary   been having crazy dreams lately …i dreamed i kissed beyonce ..but what does that mean?  check out the dream dictionary link  and look your mood up.

what ya know

play “what ya know” by 20/20    straight from my cali volt …old but new

new law that makes finding jobs easier 4 felons    “You’ve got two people applying for the same job, one’s got a criminal record, one doesn’t, who’s going to get hired?” asks Erin Rosen. She’s a West Chester attorney in the law firm of Lyons & Lyons who handles a form of expungements. “It’s going to…